San Diego Comic Fest 2014 – Comic Book Lettering & Production 10/18 & 10/19 Workshop Videos

10/18/14 Video

10/19/14 Video

This is the 10/18/14 and 10/19/14 workshops on Comic Book Lettering and Production I did as part of the Digital Artistry track at San Diego Comic Fest 2014.  They are similar, with the 10/18 video going into more depth with Adobe InDesign while in the 10/19 video I spend more time working on lettering in Adobe Illustrator. Join letterer and Adobe Education Leader Sean Glumace for this panel on how to letter comic books and production work using Adobe Illustrator and InDesign. There is more to lettering than just copying and pasting a script onto artwork. Sean will cover the art of lettering and the design process behind it. The production process of comics also goes hand in hand with lettering and you will also learn what is needed to get your comic to the printer and ready for digital publication using InDesign.