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Sean Glumace is an Adobe Education Leader, graphic and web designer, WordPress and college level digital media arts instructor, comic book letterer, print and web media art director and all around creative person for the past two decades. He has been an integral part of the renowned Digital Media Department at Golden West College in Huntington Beach, CA joining the faculty in 2001, and also serves on the faculty at Concordia University Irvine. In 2014 he became an Adobe Education Leader dedicated to enhancing creativity and collaboration in education. He is also the current Orange County CTE Digital Media Professional Learning Coordinator helping create learning opportunities between K-12, community college and university educators in the OC. He maintains a freelance design business for clients including the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences (LA Area Emmy Awards), Image Comics and several other global companies for whom he has created everything from supermarket in-store displays and signage to e-commerce auction sites.

Comic Book Creation and Production – Adobe Apps for Education Live

Go to the Adobe Education Exchange page for this workshops videos and resources at

Download the sample files for this workshop (80mb ZIP)

My 5/20/15 My 5/20/15 Adobe Apps for Education Workshop. I go over the production process for comic books, from script to finished PDF using Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign.

The only thing more fun than reading comics? Making them! In this more advanced session, designer and educator Sean Glumace will teach you how to you’ll use Adobe Photoshop—the world’s most advanced digital imaging software—and Adobe Illustrator—the industry-standard vector graphics software—to create lettering, speech balloons, and more.


Make a Comic Book Cover with Adobe Photoshop – Adobe Apps for Education Live

Go to the Adobe Education Exchange page for this workshops videos and resources at

Download the sample files for this workshop (80mb ZIP)

My 5/20/15 Adobe Apps for Education Workshop. I go over an awesome project for students at any level, a custom comic book cover in Photoshop!

It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s your own superhero comic book cover! In this beginner-level session, designer and educator Sean Glumace will teach you how to make a professional-looking comic book cover using Adobe Photoshop, the world’s most advanced digital imaging software.


San Diego Comic Fest 2014 – Comic Book Lettering & Production 10/18 & 10/19 Workshop Videos

10/18/14 Video

10/19/14 Video

This is the 10/18/14 and 10/19/14 workshops on Comic Book Lettering and Production I did as part of the Digital Artistry track at San Diego Comic Fest 2014.  They are similar, with the 10/18 video going into more depth with Adobe InDesign while in the 10/19 video I spend more time working on lettering in Adobe Illustrator. Join letterer and Adobe Education Leader Sean Glumace for this panel on how to letter comic books and production work using Adobe Illustrator and InDesign. There is more to lettering than just copying and pasting a script onto artwork. Sean will cover the art of lettering and the design process behind it. The production process of comics also goes hand in hand with lettering and you will also learn what is needed to get your comic to the printer and ready for digital publication using InDesign.

Files and Resources

Here are some pre made templates and files that will help you get started.

If you have any questions about these please email me at

Adobe Illustrator (AI) Template File

Adobe Illustrator Lettering Template (AI and EPS Version) ZIP Download 1.3MB

The Adobe Illustrator file is 6.75″ x 10.25″ which is the trim size of a standard comic book. The live area of the file is 6.25″ x 9.75″ and guides have been set up in the file.  I have included an AI file and EPS version with  size notes in them. The file also has a locked layer for the background, a layer for artwork and one for lettering.

Adobe Photoshop (PSD) Template for Colored Pages

Adobe Photoshop Colored Comic Page Templat (PSD) ZIP Download 514KB

This file is a 300dpi RGB Photoshop (PSD) Document.

  • The RED area is the bleed at 7” x 10.5” this will get trimmed (cut) off
  • The GREEN area is the final trim size of the comic book at 6.75“ x 10.25”
  • The  PURPLE area is the live area or “safe area” at 6.25” x 9.75” the margins are .25” from the trim Save your working file as a PSD RGB file.

When you have a finished production file convert to CMYK and flatten it, save as a TIFF with LZW compression. This is the file you will place in InDesign.

Adobe InDesign (INDD) Template

Adobe InDesign Comic Book Template (INDD) ZIP 469K

The Adobe InDesign file is set up with a trim of 6.75″ x 10.25″ and has two layers, one called ARTWORK for placing the TIFF file and the other called LETTERING for placing the AI file on top. You will use InDesign to create a PDF or package all your files to send to the printer or create a digital version.